Interesting Facts About Adjustable Bed Design

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Adequate and quality sleep is essential for good health and general happiness. However, some people struggle with sleepless and stressful nights that affect their overall well-being. If you find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night, it might be time to invest in an adjustable bed and a compatible mattress. The combination can help you restore healthy sleep patterns and increase comfort. However, like most customers, you might know little about adjustable bed design to make an informed purchasing decision. This article highlights critical facts about adjustable bed design.

Retainer Bars Are Crucial — A standard adjustable bed comprises various features that enhance comfort and operation. One such feature is the retainer bar, and its primary purpose is to keep the mattress from sliding over an adjustable bed's edge when raising or lowering the base. Unfortunately, most people are so focused on the aesthetics of an adjustable bed that they find the retainer bar a nuisance and an unnecessary feature. That is until their mattress starts sliding down whenever they operate an adjustable bed. Unless you plan to place an adjustable bed against a wall, which is highly unlikely, ensure it has a retainer bar.

Motor Placement is Strategic — The movement of an adjustable bed is aided by a motor placed under the base. However, some customers don't know that the placement is strategic for two reasons. First, placing the motor at the base protects it from the undue pressure of people sitting on the bed, which goes a long way in protecting the motor's condition. Second, although most adjustable bed motors are quiet, they still produce some noise during operation. Therefore, placing the motor at the bed's base muffles the noise and prevents distraction as you sleep. In this regard, inspect the motor placement when shopping for an adjustable bed.

Do Not Sacrifice Style — In the past, adjustable beds were only used in hospitals to help patients rest comfortably. It is only during the last couple of decades that residential adjustable beds hit the market. Notably, some people still liken residential adjustable beds to the hospital models with generic and boring designs. However, you will be glad to know that manufacturers are not sacrificing style for comfort when designing adjustable beds. Today, adjustable beds come in various styles to suit your needs. For instance, some adjustable bed models come with a stylish wooden headboard and frame for clients that love wood. Others allow you to choose a headboard from various designs and materials so that you can add a personal flair to your bedroom.

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