Why You Need to Trade Your Charcoal Barbecue for a Gas Model

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There is nothing quite as pleasurable in the summer months than spending time on your garden patio, inviting friends and family over, and sharing a feast cooked on the barbecue. But before you start grilling burgers, corn on the cob, and other kinds of deliciousness, you need to invest in a barbecue. With so many models on the market, it can be hard to know where to begin. But if you are really serious about creating the best possible barbecue in your backyard, it's time to upgrade from your dinky charcoal barbecue to a flashy gas model. Here are the reasons why you need to upgrade today:

They are cleaner. When you are firing up your charcoal barbecue, it can seem like a great idea, and then afterwards, you are left with a blackened grill that takes as long to clean as it did to cook with. But because a gas barbecue doesn't release that charcoal smokiness, you won't have the smoky debris clinging to your grill, and as a result, it will be so much easier to clean. Just let it cool down, give it a wipe over, and pack it away in your garage until you need to use it the next time.

They are quicker to heat. When you use a charcoal barbecue, you need some experience to get the thing emanating consistent heat. Ultimately, hosting a barbecue in your back garden should be a fun, no-nonsense thing that anybody can do, and if you just want a grill that heats up easily and quickly, a gas barbecue is the way forward. Because gas grills are so much quicker to heat, it's also easier to host a last minute gathering for friends. Dial up your friends on a group call and you could be eating twenty minutes later!

Better temperature control. Not only are gas barbecues easier to heat, but you can also control the temperature with far more accuracy. A chunky hulk of steak is going to require a different kind of temperature to a delicate piece of salmon. With a charcoal machine, you'd have to make estimations by taking pieces of charcoal off the grill, but with gas grills, like Weber barbeques, you can turn the heat up and down just as you would on the grill inside your home. Use a gas barbecue and your grilled meats will be a thing of legend across your neighbourhood!