Look Beyond Appearance When Choosing New Bedroom Furniture

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When you're ready to start shopping for new bedroom furniture, you probably want something attractive and stylish and that makes you feel good about crawling into bed every night. While appearance and style are both very important for any furniture set, you want to look beyond this when choosing new bedroom pieces. Consider some details that are easy to overlook, but which are very important when you're in the market for new furniture items for your home's bedroom.


A tall bed is good if it means space under the bed for storage, but note if the bed may be so tall that it's uncomfortable for you to get in and out every day. If you need to push yourself up onto a very tall bed, this can put stress on your knees and back; your back muscles also need to work harder to support you when you slide off a very tall bed. Consider, too, if you have children or pets whom you allow on the bed and if something very tall might be out of their reach. You would need to keep a step stool of some sort by the bed for them, and this could make the room crowded and unsightly.

Everyday use

Many people use their bedroom for more than just sleeping, and you need to ensure your bedroom furniture can accommodate all of its everyday uses. For example, if you like to read in the bedroom but not in the bed, you need a very comfortable armchair that coordinates with the rest of the furniture. If the children like to gather in the bedroom but you don't want them on the bed either, consider a small settee or loveseat that also coordinates and fits well in the space. By planning on all these uses before you start shopping, you can ensure those pieces work well together and easily fit in the room.

Other accessories and surfaces

Consider the accessories and surfaces you have in a bedroom already and which cannot easily be changed. For instance, if the bedroom has a timber floor, carefully consider a wood bedroom set, as it's easy for different types of timber to clash. This might also lead to too much wood in the room.

If the bedroom has wallpaper, note if the headboard of the set you're considering would clash when placed against the wall. If the bedroom has a wardrobe rather than a closet, consider that piece's material and ensure your new bedroom furniture will coordinate.