Practical Ways to Position Wall Frames in Your Home

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Beautiful and iconic art in the form of a fantastic photo deserves a space on the wall. But most importantly, it needs to perfectly fit in a picture frame to complement your entire home's decor. But fitting a photo on a frame is the easiest part. 

You have to decide where to hang it when framed. Is it in the middle of the wall? Right at the eye line? Where exactly will you hang it? 

A well-hung piece of art creates an attractive focal point in any room – and for a good reason. If you're struggling to position your wall frames, this short guide will make things easier for you.

Consider the Size of the Frame In Relation to the Wall

Picture a large open wall. Right at the centre stands a small picture in a wall frame. Of course, everything looks out of proportion because the picture is barely large enough to draw attention to the large open-spaced wall. This is what you need to first consider before hanging a wall frame: its overall size in relation to your home's wall.

Consider Where to Position the Wall Frame

Don't go for the obvious 'middle of the wall' position when hanging your wall frame, especially if you're after making a real statement. Frustrate tradition instead and hang your wall frame off-center. Unlike everyone else's home, yours will appear more stylish and bigger with this uncommon-in-most-homes yet straightforward tweak.

Positioning Multiple Wall Frames

The trick to positioning multiple wall frames on a wall is to consider the wall space and plan the layout of your home. For example, if your home has staircases, position your wall frames parallel to the stairs when moving upwards. In other words, when going up a flight of stairs, the wall frames are at your eye-level or face height. 

A collage of wall frames on a flight of stairs brings out style and oomph to a home's overall decor. For this to work, remember to make sure your home's layout is well-balanced. The same goes for the space on your walls.

Stick to one common characteristic of wall frames, especially if your art or photos are a mix and clash of different colours. To put it another way, go for a single colour theme or, better yet, go vintage.

Also, create an excellent symmetry. Make sure all your wall frame sizes are well-balanced in shape and are all proportional for a stylish, unique effect.

For more information, contact a wall frame supplier.