Two Tips to Follow When Furnishing the New Home You'll Be Sharing With Your Partner

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Here are some tips to remember when furnishing the new home you're going to be sharing with your partner.

Discuss your furniture tastes before shopping

Rather than spontaneously visiting furniture stores and aimlessly browsing with your partner, you should have a discussion with your other half about what type of furniture you like, and what furniture they like, beforehand. When having this chat, you may want to go online and show each other the furniture styles you each prefer.

One of the reasons why couples sometimes end up having disagreements when furniture shopping is because one of them surprises the other by suggesting they buy a furniture item that their partner thinks is hideous or completely impractical. When something like this happens, the couple can find themselves having a heated public argument, and may leave the store empty-handed and feeling very cross and offended.

To avoid this, you must ensure that you both know what furniture the other person is likely to gravitate towards in the stores you visit; this will ensure that neither of you will feel shocked or irritated by the other's suggestions. Whilst having this conversation, you should also take the time to look for furniture stores online that sell pieces that are a compromise between what each of you likes. For example, if they love quite artsy, colourful furniture, and you like traditional pieces, you could get a Chesterfield sofa, which is a classic-looking item, in a vibrant yellow or green colour.

Always go to the furniture stores together

Unless your partner couldn't care less about furniture and sincerely doesn't mind what you buy for your new home (or vice versa), it's best to go to furniture stores as a couple, instead of individually. If you go to a store alone and see something you think would be perfect for your new property, and you describe it to your partner via the phone, but you overlook some feature it has that your partner would dislike when describing it, you might encounter issues if you then purchase it.

For example, if you see an armchair that is beautifully designed but has extremely firm padding, and your partner prefers to sit in very squishy, soft chairs, they might either have you return it after it arrives and they try sitting on it, or they might feel the need to avoid using that chair wherever possible. As such, it's best to shop as a couple so you can both see the furniture items in person, do your own individual evaluations and then make a decision together about whether you want to buy those pieces.