Does It Really Matter if You Use a Soft or Firm Mattress?

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If you've never really had a physical reaction to sleeping on a mattress that was too soft or too firm, you might not think that the firmness of the mattress really matters. However, that's not true. Even if you don't feel much, you have a range of softness to firmness that you need to stay in. You could be lucky and can handle a wider range than most, but even within that range, you'll find you have your preferences. The softness or firmness of a mattress can affect your sleep quality in ways that might not show up now, but they can build up as time goes by.

Spine, Neck and Hip Position

While a good pillow goes a long way towards keeping your neck and shoulders supported, it's the mattress that keeps your whole body aligned. Without good alignment — for example, your hips sag lower than your spine, or your spine ends up higher than your head when you sleep on your side — you put stress on your joints and spine. Over time, that leads to pain. Also, misalignment of your neck and spine can constrict your airway, resulting in a form of sleep apnoea. This can leave you feeling poorly rested the next day, as well as giving you a headache and other symptoms like dry mouth. A mattress that is a little too soft can let your body sag and curl up in the wrong ways.

Thin Toppers Add Softness to the Support

If you think that a softer mattress might result in the previously mentioned problems, but you're worried that the mattress you do eventually buy might be too firm, look at toppers. A mattress that's a little too firm can leave you sore because your shoulders and hips won't sink down enough to prevent excessive pressure from being placed on those points of contact. A topper, however, is thin enough that it will not interfere with support from a firm mattress while still making the top layer softer and more forgiving.

Separate Singles on a Double Frame

If you and your partner are looking for a mattress, a need for varying firm or soft qualities can make the search much more complicated. This is where you may resort to buying two single mattresses of appropriate firmness to place on a double or queen frame. As clumsy as that might seem at first, you'll both get used to it, especially if the two of you sleep better. Use double/queen fitted sheets to prevent the gap between the mattresses from widening.

When you shop for a mattress, many companies have online questionnaires you can complete to find recommendations based on what you need. Take your time answering and consider each question carefully so you find mattresses that let you sleep very well. For more information, contact a company that provides options like AH beard mattresses.