4 Reasons Riser Recliner Armchairs Are Great for the Elderly

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It's natural to prefer spending more time off your feet once you start getting older, which is why it's also well worth giving plenty of thought to what armchairs you are going to buy. For older people, riser recliner armchairs are ideal. You're probably already familiar with recliner armchairs that can bring a footrest up and recline the backrest for added comfort. A riser recliner will still do that, but it can also rise and tilt automatically to bring users into a standing position and then lower back down at the touch of a button.

Here are just four reasons why riser recliner armchairs can be great for older users.

1. Reduces Pressure Points

One of the main problems associated with prolonged sitting is that you end up developing aches and pains. This is because certain parts of your body will have been under more pressure than other parts, and those pressure points can become uncomfortable. This issue can be made even worse if you suffer from an issue like arthritis, and it can also lead to painful pressure sores that may become infected. However, you can help prevent pressure points by using a riser recliner. Since they let you alter your position in several ways, you can take the pressure off certain parts of your body whenever they start to feel sore.

2. Improves Circulation

It's likely that your circulation will start to suffer once you get older. Unfortunately, circulation is often much worse when you sit for long periods, and that can lead to serious health issues. Since a riser recliner allows you to shift positions, you can prevent poor circulation. Additionally, being able to recline completely and bring your legs to the same height as the rest of your body will also boost circulation and prevent swelling of the lower legs.

3. Makes Getting Up and Down Safer

Getting into and out of armchairs can become tougher as you age. This doesn't just interfere with your independence. It also places added pressure on your body. When you get up, you'll need to place added strain on your joints and muscles. When you get down, you'll often find yourself dropping slightly into the chair. A riser recliner will smoothly bring you up and then wait until you're ready to sit back down, so you'll find moving in and out of your chair far safer and more comfortable.

4. Avoids Back Pain

Back pain can become close to unbearable at any age, but it tends to become worse later in life. With a riser recliner armchair, flexible positioning allows you to improve your posture, and being fully reclined will reduce pressure on your back, especially on your lower back. This means you'll be less likely to find yourself with a sore or stiff back after spending several hours sitting.  

For more information about aged care chairs, reach out to a local supplier.